COVID 19 Immigration Procedure, Spain

By a royal decree and on the 13th of March 2020, the Spanish government announced the state of emergency in response to the dire effects of the Coronavirus, on that day a suspension of all related activities to immigration was also announced, however, the Spanish government realized the effect caused by the suspension on submitted applications, accordingly, they have issued multiple measures to bring confidence, and relief to those in Spain with visas about to expire, or who have applications submitted prior to the date of the Decree.

The measures were categorized into two, the first category is related to the submitted applications before the 14th of March, are now being under process taking into consideration the hardship for people to support the government with additional documents requested and accordingly decided to suspend the suggested deadlines, as for the appeals, all deadlines for appeal application has also been suspended, 

The second category is related to applications submitted after 14th of March, which can be submitted through an electronic platform of which processing shall continue normally, this applies to all new and first-time applications.

The Decree also indicated that necessary documents that expire during this period, can be delivered in a later period when possible in order to facilitate a smoother process, a similar concept is implemented for people who have visas that will expire during the pandemic and can not leave Spain where the expiration of the visa will not apply and shall be considered legally residents in Spain. 

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