A noticeable increase in the demand for real estate investment in Turkey, Portugal, Spain and other countries

late reports indicate that investors are more motivated than ever to invest in real estate abroad, as many vacation destinations were able to keep transmission rates of the Corona-virus (Covid-19) low by early complete closure and imposing strict travel restrictions. Now, demand is growing from high net worth buyers who are ready to take a second residence in countries with warm climates where life has largely returned to normal.

In a study conducted on a number of countries, the results indicated that there are 32% of investors who plan to increase their stocks in real estate investments, and 70% of investors around the world are still optimistic about the economic situation in their regions over the next year despite the concerns that imposed by inflation, they also expect a significant improvement in the economic performance of their countries.

On the other hand, despite the global health pandemic, the real estate sector in Turkey was not significantly affected, but rather made progress in sales, especially in Bursa, Adana, Istanbul, and Antalya, and Turkish economic experts estimated that the increase in Turkish real estate sales reached 14 percent in the past two years, and it is expected to achieve revenues of $7 billion from real estate sales to foreigners by the end of this year, and a new record is expected to be achieved in the number of units sold, with a number of about 50,000 units, breaking the current record of 45,500 units.

Statistics also indicate that inquiries about real estate in Portugal have increased by 93%. As for the Spanish real estate market, research has found that out of 2,500 foreign buyers surveyed, 90% of them stated that they are looking to invest in real estate in Spain.

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