A 367% increase in the number of monthly Greek golden visa approvals since May this year

In a new report published by the Greek State Agency for the Promotion of Investment Opportunities, The latest statistical reports regarding the Greek Golden Visa Program have been published, as the figures show a significant increase in the number of applications approved during the period from June to September of this year compared to the period in January Until May of last year.

In the first five months of this year, 554 main applicants and 1,746 family members obtained golden visas in Greece, an average of only 23.4 approvals per month. However, in the past four months, that rate has risen to 109.25, which is a 367% increase in the number of monthly approvals.

Greece offers the golden residency program, which is one of the most powerful programs in European countries, where you can obtain residency in Greece within a period of up to 4 months by investing in real estate for an amount of at least 250,000 euros, as the program offers the advantage of freedom of movement between all countries of the Schengen area for all Family members, the investor, and his family members get social benefits, rights to education, and most importantly, Greece has the lowest tax value for transferring ownership of the real estate in Europe, and the investor can achieve a return on investment by renting the property that was owned with the aim of obtaining residency.

Greece’s passport is also ranked ninth according to the Reach Immigration Index in passport classification, providing access to 184 destinations around the world without a visa or visa on arrival and is considered one of the most desirable passports as it gives its holder the highest degrees of mobility between various destinations.

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