British Columbia

British Columbia is known for its amazing natural beauty, it is  located in Canada between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, with a population of 4.75208 million; British Columbia has one of the deepest histories, it was first discovered by  James Cook and George Vancouver, in 1871 British Columbia has joined Canadian confederation as a province, becoming the sixth province to do so; After world war II, British Columbia had an industrial growth, in that time it was also a growing place for cultural development as the main cities of British Columbia were Victoria and Vancouver became cultural centers for poets, authors, Musicians, and artists; it is also had been ranked as the cleanest places in the world and one of the top cities to live and work in.

The climate in British Columbia is influenced by the Pacific Ocean and mountain range, the summer in the coast is warm and it reaches a temperature of 20C, as for the coastal regions it has the slightest winter, and the central regions are hotter in summer, the temperature reaches 30C and the winter is colder than the coastal regions.

The economy in British Columbia depends on its natural resources, tourism, technology sectors, fishing industries, and it is the third largest producer of hydroelectricity and the second largest producer of natural gas in Canada.

If people were looking to settle down and work in a foreign country, British Columbia is one of the best options, it has a huge number of service and technology sectors and with the growth of the province, and there will be many jobs for immigrants in the near future.

British Columbia has a respected educational system, the citizens and the permit residence who are below the age of 20 are entitled to have a free education in public schools in Canada, the province also concentrate on higher education, it has 25 public post-secondary institutions that contain 11 universities, 11 colleges, and 3 institutions, and it has one of the top universities in the country that include: the British Columbia University (UBC) that had Noble Prizes in sciences and physics.

All the provinces in Canada have publicly funded health care for citizens and legal residents; in British Columbia has one of the highest public sectors of health care in Canada.

British Columba citizens are known for their outdoor recreational activities; and for their healthy lifestyle.

Immigration has played a major role in British Columbia, since the decreasing of its birth rate; that’s why the province depends on immigration for all its growth in the near future.

British Columbia has the “provincial Nomination program” that helps to speed up the immigration process for qualified applicants who wish to work and live in British Columbia, the program accept applicants under two immigration streams which are: the Skilled Program and Entrepreneur Program.

Skilled Program is designed to attract skilled workers and professionals who have several years of experience to live and work in British Columbia, federal skilled workers use its own pointing system which leads to the eligibility of the applicant.

, Entrepreneur Program is for people who want to invent and invest in British Columbia and gain residence permit which leads to a permanent residency within two years, the program is for business owners and senior managers with financial abilities, that are able to invest with a minimum amount of CAD $200,000 to open a new business or purchase an existing business.

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