UK Sole Representative (representative of an overseas business) Program

UK Sole Representative (representative of an overseas business) Program

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About Sole Representative Visa Program UK


The United Kingdom sole representative program was designed for senior qualified employees within a company located outside of the UK willing to establish a branch/ wholly owned subsidiary in the UK of which the senior employee will represent.

The Senior employee will get a visa to enter that permits legal stay in the United Kingdom for 3 years leading to extension of 2 years and then to indefinite leave to remain visa (permanent residency) then to citizenship.

Benefits of the program


UK Sole Representative offers an abundance of benefits to any potential senior employee, with the foremost of them being:

  1. Obtain a UK residency for yourself and eligible dependents (spouse and children below 18)
  2. Work full time and have full authority as a representative for the branch/subsidiary
  3. Full work rights for the spouse.
  4. Health Insurance with an annual fee.
  5. Education in the most reputable systems in the world for minor children
  6. Study with no limit on number of hours (conditions apply)

Sole Representative Visa Program UK Qualifications & Requirements


There are requirements of the senior employee, and the mother company 

Mother Company requirements: 

  1. Be a genuine commercial actively trading company
  2. Be located outside of UK 
  3. Intend to keep its headquarters outside of the UK
  4. Not have any representation in the UK
  5. Intend to establish a branch/subsidiary in the UK with similar type of business
  6. Show good financial standing to support the branch in the UK

Senior Employee requirements

  1. Not hold majority ownership in the mother company shares, or control the mother company.
  2. Be a senior employee within the mother company
  3. Have the skills and knowledge to run the branch/ subsidiary
  4. Possess a clean criminal record
  5. Have English language skills of A1 level or above.
  6. Have funds that maintain his family’s life in the UK throughout the residence permit validity

Cost of obtaining Sole Representative Visa Program UK


  • Start up and investment cost: 

There is no fixed or a minimum investment amount set for the branch/subsidiary, as it depends on the business needs and correlates to the activity of the mother company. The mother company must have sufficient funds to start and maintain the branch/subsidiary in the UK

  • Visa application cost

This applies upon submission of the application of the sole representative and the eligible family members. Amount is advised on the date of submission.

  • Health Surcharges cost: 

Health surcharges are applicable for each applying member. The amount should cover the period of residence permit validity which is three years for this program to cover yourself and family members with health insurance throughout residency period in the UK.

Process and steps


  1. Define business activity and create business plan for branch/subsidiary
  2. Submit business plan and residency application to UK authorities
  3. Relocate to the UK and open the branch upon receipt of entry visa.
  4. Operate the business as a representative to generate income
  5. After 3 years apply for a 2 years extension 
  6. After 5 years apply for permanent residency
  7. Apply for Citizenship after one year from grant of permanent residency


Our Services


  • Consulting on qualifications, procedures and requirements
  • UK market research assistance
  • Business consulting and economic benefits
  • Assisting in submission application
  • Consulting on after landing procedures and requirements.


Anyone with more than 50% of the shares is considered a major shareholder

A direct employee of the mother company who is at a senior level in the company with qualifying skills, experience and knowledge in the mother company’s business activity to operate a branch/subsidiary in the UK as a representative of the mother company.

It is recommended that you reside in an area close to the branch/subsidiary location, since you will be operating and running the business on a daily basis.

No, in this case you are a major shareholder, and are therefore not eligible to apply.

You must pass an approved English test Exam with at least A1 level in speaking and listening. Or if you have a degree taught in English, or if you are a national of an English speaking country.


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