Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

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Investment Amount​

250,000 USD

Processing Time

3-4 Months

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About Turkish Citizenship by Investment


Turkey citizenship by investment program offers the individuals and their families a unique opportunity to gain citizenship in a short period of time as little as two months by purchasing a property valued at $250,000 USD located anywhere in Turkey.


Benefits of the program


Turkey  offers an abundance of benefits to any potential investor, with the foremost of them being:

  1. Obtain Turkish citizenship for you and your eligible family members (Spouse, children below 18) within 2 months. 
  2. Ability to purchase any immovable property in Turkey valued at $250,000 USD and the ability to resell the property after three years with possible capital gains in a thriving market 
  3. Potential return on investment through renting out the property
  4. No physical residency required during or after the process.
  5. Fast route to the United states through the E2 visa program once you become a Turkish citizen.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program Qualifications & Requirements


  1. Purchase a property valued at $250,000 USD
  2. Hold on to property for 3 years
  3. Have a clean criminal background


Cost of obtaining Turkish Citizenship 


Purchase an immovable property valued at at least $250,000 USD

Other administrative and processing costs apply.


Process and steps


  • Step one: View and evaluate properties in Turkey
  • Step two: Complete purchase of property 
  • Step three: Apply for residency status 
  • Step Four: Apply for citizenship and passport.


Our Services


  • Providing property options suitable for the program as well as matching your needs
  • Evaluating the property and do the proper Due diligence
  • ِAssitance in collecting documents to submit an application to Turkish authorities
  • Handling the file through our partners in Turkey
  • Submitting the application for permanent residence
  • Submitting the application for citizenship


Yes. You can purchase any immovable property, residential, commercial, industrial real estate, or land at the minimum value of required investment.
You can travel visa free to 111 destinations worldwide.
Yes, you can rent out real estate with an average return on investment ranging from 3-5%. You can also choose to purchase property in ongoing projects with return on investment reaching up to 10%
No, you can do all the procedures remotely if you prefer not to travel.


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