Greece Golden Visa Program

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Investment Amount​

250,000 Euro

Processing Time

4 Months

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About Greece Golden Visa


The Greek government launched the Greece Golden Visa Program in 2013  as one of the many ways to boost its economy. This program creates a win-win situation for both the Greek economy and the investor, where it gives the opportunity to obtain a renewable permanent residency valid for five years for interested investors and their eligible family members. 

Investors are required to make an investment in the real estate sector (flat, house, shop, land plot or a combination of real estate assets) with a minimum investment of 250,000 Euro to qualify. The permanent residency is renewable and the only requirement for renewal is to maintain ownership of the property.


Benefits of the Program


  • All the family members will have the Freedom of movement throughout the Schengen countries.
  • No residency is required from the investor and their family members for renewing the permit
  • Spouse and the children of the investor under the age of 21 are included, as well as parents with no age restrictions.
  • Lowest property transfer tax in Europe.
  • The right to reside in Greece and get the social benefits & access to the educational system.
  • Ownership of property with the ability to rent property & gain a return on investment.

Greece Golden Visa Qualifications & Requirements for Investors


Main applicant requirements:

  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Have insurance coverage in Greece.
  • Submit an entry visa to the Greek consulate in their country of origin or residence.
  • Have adequate funds to make the required investment

Eligible Family Members that can be included in an application:

  • Spouse of the Investor
  • Children of the investors below 21 years old.
  • Parents of Investor 

Cost of obtaining Greece Golden Visa


The minimum investment amount cited by the law is $ 250,000.

*Additional charges apply such as the application and administrative fees and property related expenses.

Process and steps


  • Step One: Collect all the required documents and forms.
  • Step Two: Locate the property in Greece and arrange for purchase.
  • Step Three: travelling to Greece to submit the application for the  permanent residence permit 
  • Step Four: investors and included family members will be issued a one year permit that allow them to reside legally in Greece until the decision of the application is made. 
  • Step Five: When the application is fully processed (Within approximately two months) the government will issue a decision regarding the application.  .
  • Step Six: upon approval the biometrics information will be required to issue a 5 years permanent residence permit for applicants.

Our Services


  • Provide real estate investment options.
  • Provide consultation services for your case and what is required for this program.
  • Assist in reviewing and preparing your documents and forms.
  • Schedule and organize your exploratory visit to Greece (remote purchase is available).
  • Follow up on the application status and update you frequently
  • Permanent residency cards are delivered to where the investor is located.


maintain the investment ownership.
No, there is no residency requirement to maintain the residency or renew the residency.
Yes, it is allowed under Greek law to rent out the property you own and obtain a return from it.
Investors who hold the golden visa will be eligible to apply for Greek citizenship in 7 years of continuous residency, and accordingly, be issued a Greek passport.


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