New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program – Business Immigration Stream

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Business Immigration Stream

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Investment Amount​

150,000 (CAD)

Processing Time

8-12 Months

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About Canada Investment Program – New Brunswick Immigration Program  (Investment in New Brunswick)


The New Brunswick  provincial nominee program (PNP) for Business Immigration stream offers investors and successful business people the chance to establish and run a business in the province of New Brunswick  

The program is a point based program, which awards points to different aspects of any potential applicant’s attributes such as experience, language proficiency, business acumen, and more.

The program awards the investor with a work permit of 2 years in Canada.


Benefits of the  Program


New Brunswick offers an abundance of benefits to any potential investor, with the foremost of them being:

  1. The opportunity for an investor to immigrate to one of the most sought after immigration destinations in the world with their spouse and dependent children below the age of 22 years.
  2. An endless talent pool perfect for hiring the best employees to make your business thrive
  3. Tax incentives for businesses and families.
  4. One of the world’s best healthcare systems
  5. A top-notch educational system that will no doubt provide a brighter future for your children

Canada Investment Program – New Brunswick Immigration Program  (Investment in New Brunswick) Requirements


Main applicant requirements

  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 59 
  • Hold related industry experience and knowledge as a business owner or major shareholder (of at least 51% of a business shares) OR as a senior manager, and be at supervisory position of at least two people for at least 3 years out of the last 5 years.
  • Possess a personal net worth of at least $500,000 CAD that has been legally obtained and verifiable.
  • Invest not less than $150,000 CAD of economic benefit to the province, with ownership of no less than 33% of the proposed business entity.
  • You must have at least have a high school diploma 
  • Must meet the minimum language proficiency requirement either in English or French 
  • Creating at least one full time job in the proposed business for a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in New Brunswick

Family Members included in the application:

  1. Spouse of main applicant 
  2. All dependent children of the main applicant or spouse below the age of 22 years.

Cost of obtaining New Brunswick Immigration Program  (Investment in New Brunswick) Visa


Invest at least $150,000 CAD in an economic benefit business 

Other administrative and processing costs apply.

Process and steps


  1. Submit online registration (expression of interest)
  2. Once selected, submit application with supporting documents
  3. Attend interview for approval
  4. Receive a decision to obtain work permit
  5. Land in British Columbia and start your business
  6. After 18 months apply for nomination from province
  7. Obtain permanent residency
  8. Obtain Citizenship after fulfilling residency requirements

How To Apply:


  1. Prepare the needed information to fill in the online application with the business concept
  2. Submit the online application and wait for selection
  3. Submit the application to the province upon invitation 
  4. Submit any further documents and attend the interview in the province 
  5. Once passed, the application will be approved to receive a work permit for 2 years 
  6. Arrive in the province and start establishing the business and operate it until you fulfill the agreed conditions.


No, it is highly recommended not to make any investments prior to submitting your application to the province.
Though not a requirement, yet from our experience, an exploratory visit is highly recommended to shape your business proposal and to check the market business opportunities (other conditions apply)
Yes you can, additional requirements will have to be met in the case of purchasing an existing business in the province.
Canada’s government has made it a point to bring in entrepreneurs from all around the world, so they offer them support through government offices by offering business advice, networking opportunities, and some form of coaching to make the transition easier. It is also possible to extend your two year work permit before the expiry of the first one to fulfill your business requirements for nomination.
Until you gain a permanent residency card (after 2 years) you must reside in New Brunswick for at least 75% of your time to run and operate your business on a daily basis. Once you obtain a permanent residency card you are free to reside wherever you wish in Canada
You must reside at least three years within five consecutive years on a permanent residency card to be eligible for Canadian citizenship.


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