The price of The Euro fell against the dollar to its lowest level in 20 years

In a record decline not seen in 20 years, the price of the Euro fell to a value less than the price of the US dollar, at a time the price of the dollar faced stability that placed it as a safe haven for investors after raising US interest rates, a number of experts believe that the decline in the price of the Euro is a good opportunity to invest in Europe, especially in the real estate investment sector, where the real estate market is seen as a better protection against the devaluation of the European currency than the option to invest in stocks. At a time when investors are hesitating about investing in these circumstances, Reach Immigration, based on its 20-year experience in Residency programs through real estate investment in Europe, offers its clients interested in obtaining European residency an advice to take advantage of these times and invest in real estate in one of the European countries in a real estate that is in its early stages of construction due to its low costs, as it will be the beneficiary of the return that will be achieved by increasing the value of the property in the future. To find out more details on this topic you can visit the Reach Immigration website here.


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