The Government of Greece extends the period of investment in its residency program according to the current amount

The Greek Prime Minister previously announced that the country will double the minimum amount required for investment for the golden visa program, as of May 1 of this year, but according to new decisions it was decided to extend the period granted until July 31, and this means that those interested in the golden visa program can Greece qualify by investing in the amount of 250,000 euros instead of 500,000 euros, and as a result, the program is witnessing a large influx of applications by those interested in it, as according to figures provided by the Ministry of Immigration in Greece, the number of applications for a Greek golden visa increased by 252%, With a total of 1446 applications in January and February of this year, compared to 411 applications in the same period last year. The Golden Visa Program for Greece is offered to you by Reach Immigration Company, as it provides the opportunity for investors and their eligible family members to obtain permanent residence, in return for making an investment in the real estate sector in Greece (apartment, house, shop, plot of land, or a group of real estate assets). This program also qualifies you to obtain citizenship And the Greek passport, which ranks seventh according to the Reach Immigration Index in the passport classification, as it allows you to enter 185 destinations around the world without a visa or visa on arrival. You can get more information about this program by visiting our website here.

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