Rising Demand for Portuguese golden visa program since the beginning of the year

The latest statistics showed a noticeable improvement and an increase in the number of recipients of Portuguese golden visa, with an increase of 71% In January, compared to December last year, which was only 12%, as the number of visa holders reached 94 main applicants and 105 of their family members, and the total amount of investment returned from this program during January was about 48 million Euros, compared to 42 million Euros in December last year.

 Compared to other European countries, Portugal has become the first destination for visitors with the high standard of life that it offers for them at a relatively affordable cost of living. Apart from the fact that Portugal has a great properties to invest in, it is characterized by its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a cultural mix beside the diverse food which is Famous for, and still attracts many every year, the Portugal Golden Visa Program also provides families with living in a safe environment, enjoying a high-quality health care and educational institutions, as well as ease of travel within the Schengen countries, all these advantages and more can be enjoyed through a real estate investment Starting at 350,000 Euros, which eventually entitles you to citizenship and a passport when you meet the minimum residency requirements within a period ranging from 12-18 months, the Portuguese passport is currently ranked fifth according to Reach Immigration  passport index, which allows you to access 188 destinations around the world without a visa or visa on arrival.

You can get more information about this program by visiting our website here, and contacting the team of specialists and consultants at Reach Immigration who are ready to provide you with everything you need.

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