Reauthorization of the residency program in America through the investment program (EB-5)

On March 11th, the US congressmen approved the official return of the investment program (EB-5) after it had been suspended for more than eight consecutive months since 2021, as those who are interested in applying for residency in America can now apply through the investment program (EB-5), as some amendments have been made to this program so that it has become a much better option than it was for many current and future investors, as the requested amount was reduced from $900,000 USD to $800,000 USD.

The residency program in America through the EB-5 investment program was established in 1990, in an attempt to stimulate the economy in the United States of America, this program was designed for investors wishing to obtain permanent residence in America (green card), by investing in projects that take place within the various American economic sectors. Reach Immigration plays an important role as a promoter of this program and providing a large variety of services to its clients, and it has a team specialized in providing advice and answering inquiries for investors wishing to apply for residency. Find out all the details related to the program by visiting our website here.

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