Portugal: The Government is heading to cancel the golden visa program

In a press conference held in early February in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, the Portuguese Prime Minister announced the government’s intention to cancel its golden visa program, as foreign investors will not be able to renew their residency except in special cases that will be disclosed by an official decision in this regard in the coming days. For those interested in obtaining European residency, Reach Immigration, which specializes in residency and citizenship programs and a second passport, still offers you many other options, including the Golden Visa program for Greece, where it is advised to invest in the program before the government’s decision to raise the amount required to qualify is doubled from 250,000 Euros to 500,000 Euros, starting from 30/2023/4, and you can also invest in the Golden visa program in Spain, starting from 500,000 Euros, in addition to investing in the residency program in Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, and others, you can contact our company team For more information about these programs, visit the link here.


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