Portugal grants approval for the 10,000th golden visa, becoming the first European country to achieve this feat

In last month’s statistical reports on the Portuguese golden visa, the 10,000th application was approved, Thus, the total return from all applications is more than 5 billion euros in the form of real estate investment at a rate of 600,000 euros per applicant, Thus, the Portugal Golden Visa Program is the first program for obtaining residency by investment to achieve this in the history of Europe.

This came in light of the changes that will be applied to the golden visa program for Portugal starting from the first of January next year, as this step was taken with the aim of pushing investment towards sparsely populated areas in Portugal, relieving pressure on densely populated areas such as Lisbon and Porto and The Algarve

Regarding visa by investment, a deposit of €350,000 into an investment fund will secure your application for the time being, but this amount is set to rise to €500,000 under the new provisions.

The Portuguese visa program is one of the most important programs offered by Reach Immigration, which is witnessing a turnout from various groups due to its encouraging investment environment and advantages for investors to achieve the best results for them, and the country’s passport is currently ranked fifth according to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, which provides access to 188 destinations around the world and this is one of the most desirable passports as it gives the highest degrees of mobility between various destinations.

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