Iraqis, followed by Kuwaitis, top the list of the most Investors in Turkey’s real estate market

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, Iraqi investors ranked first among Arab countries in purchasing real estate in Turkey, as they invested in more than 36,391 properties, and Kuwaiti investors ranked second among Arab investors in investment operations in the real estate market with a total of 8,442 properties purchased over the years. In the past seven years, investors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, and Sudan also came to the list from the Arab world.

With the investor and his family members obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, this will enable them to benefit from many advantages in terms of the standard of social life, financial opportunities, and ease of travel, and it also guarantees them the highest health care services and free education provided to its citizens, and it is worth noting that the program provides ease of moving to the United States of America by obtaining special visa categories (E-2) suitable for Turkish citizens.

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