Increase in the Proportion of Immigrants to the United Kingdom

The UK Government Statistics Department reported that there’s an increase in requests for investment migration to the United Kingdom by more than 2% compared to last year with a total number of 167,271 applications, including business visas, investors and others.

The number of people with permanent residency has increased by 40% in 2018, compared to the previous year. As Britain is keen to make it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to contribute positively to the prosperity of its economy. The total applications for British citizenship from non-European citizens have increased by 6% compared with last year.

 As a result of these figures, most individuals are looking for stability and opportunities for a secure future for themselves and their families.

 It is worth mentioning that the UK Entrepreneurship Program gives people the opportunity in investing the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for themselves and their family 

members, through which UK citizenship can be obtained when applying the residency requirements.

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s largest economies and has a national culture that opens doors to many business and investor destinations. It is also the world’s sixth largest passport in the world.

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