Greece Golden Visa Statistics for 2021

Greece offers amazing investment opportunities that have made it very popular among investors looking to improve the lives of their families in addition to the availability of job opportunities that will return to them with positive results on their investments. The latest statistics indicated that Lebanon and Egypt ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, among the top 10 real estate investing countries in Greece, which gives an important indication of the importance of Greece as an attractive investment country, and the Greek government launched Greece Golden Visa Program in 2013 to boost Greece’s economy and provide the opportunity for investors and their eligible family members to obtain permanent, renewable residency in Greece, with a validity period of five years. This program is one of the strongest programs in European countries, and it has witnessed a great demand from a number of Arab countries, as the number of visa holders in Lebanon last year reached 304 visas, 250 from Egypt, 135 from Iraq, and 86 visas from Jordan.

The residency program in Greece – golden visa enables you to obtain residency in Greece within a period of up to 4 months by real estate investment in an amount of at least 250,000 Euros, in exchange for freedom of movement between all Schengen countries for all family members, and enjoying social benefits from education And health care, and this program entitles you to obtain Greek passport if you meet the conditions, which ranks ninth according to the Reach Immigration Index in the passport classification, as it allows you to enter 184 destinations around the world without a visa or visa on arrival. You can view the golden visa program in Greece and learn about all the benefits and features it offers by visiting our website at the link here.