Antigua Extend the Limited Time Offer and a New Government Contribution Option

Antigua and Barbuda government have informed its agents that they will extend the Limited Time Offer (LTO) of 100,000 for both Real Estate and donation program until the 31st of October 2019.

On a different accession the government also agreed the creation of the New University of west indies fund, under the citizenship by investment program Government contribution option, the government of Antigua and Barbuda as the citizenship by investment unit will begin receiving applicants with an immediate effect.

Applicants under the citizenship by investment who choose this option will be required to make an investment of $150,000 with a family of four, as you may know, you can invest in a real state option or in a government contribution, it takes four months to get your citizenship visa, and the holder of Antigua and Barbuda passport will be enjoying a visa-free travel to 150 countries and territories including the United States and Canada.

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