Antigua and Barbuda – several changes in one month

The citizenship by Investment Unit of Antigua and Barbuda after several meetings in December and February in an effort to enhance their program and motivate more investors to invest in their program and country, finally announced on March 9th several major enhancements and modifications on the program such as making the US $200,000 join investment in the real estate option a permanent regulation and further include a new pathway under the real estate option which is the possibility of purchasing a unit wholly owned by one investor for a value of US $200,000 only.

Other modifications included the reduction in the government fees under the real estate investment and increasing it under the contribution investment, plus giving the ability to resell the property after 5 years for one time only to an investor interested in the citizenship by Investment program.

On another notice, the Cabinet also approved a Limited Time offer, which is in effect immediately, and valid till the end of October 2020 of which previously approved applicants and who acquired the citizenship and passport  of Antigua and Barbuda, can now add their dependent children with reduced fees, noting that citizenship cannot be passed to coming generations, they have to submit an application to the citizenship by investment unit to add their children and now is the time to do so under the reduced fees. Below are the numbers: 

  • Dependents from 0-5: US $10,000 
  • Dependents from 6-17: US $20,000
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