Immigration to Grenada

With its soft sandy beaches, high mountains, and rainforests, Granada is considered the prettiest in the region. Granada is located in the eastern Caribbean at the southern extremity of the windward island, with a population of 93,000, comprising citizens of African, East Indian, and European descent, Granada relies on tourism and agriculture as main sources. It takes five months to obtain Grenada’s passport, the holders of Grenada passport will be enjoying a visa-free travel to 127 countries all around the world including EU countries, China, and Russia. In Grenada you there’s a free tax status for no foreign income, capital gifts, wealth and inheritance tax, and there is no need to reside from Grenada in order to get the citizenship.

Grenada Migration Programs

Investment Migration

Whether you are looking for a direct citizenship or a residency leading to citizenship, we offer you a wide range of investment opportunities that will satisfy your needs.