Majority of Iraqi Investors Considering Second Citizenship, Study Reveals 

The majority of Iraqi Investors have, at one point or another, considered second citizenship. Through a study conducted by Reach Immigration, in which a survey was sent out to a sample population of exclusively to Iraqi Investors residing in Iraq, we can present a better view into the mindset of wealthy Iraqi nationals when it comes to second citizenship and immigration.

Majority of Iraqi Investors Considering Buying Second Passports 

Our survey shows that 62.5% of the sample population has considered buying a second passport, such as those from the Caribbean nations or that of Cyprus , while 17% have looked into the matter but have not yet decided on pursuing it or not. Only 20.5% of those who took the survey said they have not considered buying second citizenship.

Buying second passports is a common practice in Iraq, as the Iraqi passport is accompanied with major limitations, investors look for a solution to which they can obtain visa-free travel, along with higher mobility for business solutions. This awareness of the matter is most shown when the survey takers were asked about whether they knew someone who has already purchased a second passport; to which 67% answered yes, while only 33% do not know someone who has bought a second passport.

Variety in Reasons to Purchase a Second Passport 

When we asked the Iraqi investors why they would consider a second passport, we found that there was not one particular reason, as answers were diversified. The majority chose the enhanced travel mobility through visa-free travel that comes with a second passport as the main reason, while others followed closely as shown below:

  •       32% need a second passport for enhanced travel mobility
  •       28% consider buying a second passport as a contingency plan (Plan B) due to the instability in the region
  •       16% chose business reasons (company registration, tax benefits, enhanced global trade, etc.) as their main reason in considering a second passport
  •       4% see a second passport as a way to provide their children with better education opportunities
  •       20% chose the “other” option

Survey Shows Majority of Iraqi Investors Consider Immigration 

The overwhelming majority of those who took the survey say that they have considered migrating to another country, with 87.5% looking to relocate. The minority of 12.5% have said that they have not to this day considered immigrating to another country.

When given multiple options for countries to migrate to, the majority of people chose Canada, with the United Kingdom (UK) a close second. The breakdown is as follows:

  •       41.7% Chose Canada as their most desirable destination
  •       37.5% Preferred UK
  •       8.3% Chose the USA
  •       While 12.5% chose other destinations

Getting a Second Passport or Residency is Easier than You Think 

If you fit in with the majority of the survey takers, and would like to know more about obtaining a second passport or immigrating to another country, contact Reach Immigration , and an immigration consultant can help you begin your journey.

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