How to Apply for Dominica Citizenship by Investment

How to Apply for Dominica Citizenship by Investment


The Citizenship by Investment Program in the Commonwealth of Dominica is comprised of several stages and procedures which applicants must go through.

First Stage:

The first stage of this program is choosing and contacting the authorized agent, who will be responsible for the application, and will provide assistance and required professional consultation in filling and submitting the forms and documents required by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU), applicants in this stage are also required to attend a medical examination and obtain all the supporting documents, all of which need to be submitted in English, in the case of real estate investment, applicants are required to reserve the real estate with the assistance of the authorized agent and the real estate developer through the sales and purchase agreement, applicants are also required to pay the due diligence fees.

Second Stage:

This stage starts after submitting the pre-mentioned documents to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU), and this stage contains the due diligence process to ensure that applicants are legitimate and reputable. The CBIU starts will verify the submitted documents against the regulations, and then will proceed with the due diligence process through private independent investigative firms who are partnered with the government, these firms will perform further due diligence. It is very rare for applicants to be requested for interviews at this stage, and even if an interview was requested it can be facilitated to be done outside of Dominica.

The Third Stage:

This stage will be after verifying all the submitted documents and after receiving the due diligence report from the external parties mentioned earlier, the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) makes recommendations on the applicants files to the Dominican Government, and then provides applicants through their authorized agents with a letter to inform them that their application was either successful or rejected.

The Fourth Stage:

This stage starts after the initial approval on the file, and applicants are instructed to proceed with the investment amounts transfer, whether it is through the National Diversification Fund or through the pre-approved real estate investment, they are also required to transfer any additional fees depending on the number of applicants and the investment type, funds in this stage will be subject to additional vetting and due diligence by the National Bank of Dominica before issuing an approval. 

The Fifth Stage:

The Fifth stage commences after the investment funds are cleared, the Dominican Government in this stage will issue the final approval of the application and provide the applicant with the Certificate of Naturalization which demonstrated that the applicant now is officially a citizen of Dominica and has the same rights and duties that all Dominicans share.

The Sixth Stage:

The Sixth stage will be obtaining the Dominican passport from the Passport and Immigration department also through the authorized agent, this stage requires the applicant to submit further documents and forms and pay passport fees, the applicant in this stage will receive the Dominican passport which is valid for 10 years. 


After receiving the Dominican citizenship and passport, highly reputable applicants will be able to enjoy all the benefits from the Dominican economic citizenship, including being able to hold dual citizenships, the right to work, live and study in Dominica, ability to establish their own business, and the freedom to travel to various destinations around the globe.


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