Benefits of Investing in Turkey

Investing in Turkey has been a global trend for the past few years, the rate of Middle Eastern and European investors investing and relocating to this country has been on the rise, with more than a million visitors per year, Turkey is now considered a global destination for anyone who is looking for a safe investments in an economy that is known for its growth and rapid development. 

Top five reasons for investing in Turkey are as follows: 

1- The developing robust economy; Turkey’s developing economy has made it an attractive destination for many investors, it has tripled its GDP between the years 2002 to 2018, from 231 billion USD to 784 billion USD, which shows a promising bright future for a country that has what is considered among the fastest growing economies in the world. 

2- The Climate; Turkey’s huge area has contributed to the country having several climates according to the region you are residing in, the West and South of Turkey has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, making Turkey a perfect location for visitors and those who are looking to relocate to a country that has both the warm European and Mediterranean climates. 

3- The developed Infrastructure; Turkey has one of the best highly developed infrastructure in the region, in areas of transportation, telecommunications, and energy, with direct routes to many European countries. 

4- Tax incentives; as part of the Government’s efforts to attract foreign direct investment, it has introduced many taxation benefits and deductions that apply to foreign investors. 

5- The healthcare system in Turkey is of high quality, and very easy access, a Universal affordable healthcare system that is enabling Turkey to become one of the top medical tourism destinations in the region. 

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