An overview of the Citizenship by Investment Program in Turkey

An overview of the Citizenship by Investment Program in Turkey


The Republic Of Turkey is a country that lays in very unique location, in both Asia and Europe, it is considered the gateway between these two continents, a country with a rich historic cultural heritage that served as a cradle and witness to many civilizations such as the ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires  

The location of Turkey has been the major drive of why the country has been a top migration destination for many foreigners across the world, as its key position has made the country the bridge between the Islamic and Western worlds. 

Since the year 2000, Turkey’s economic and social development has been booming, it is considered among the world’s most developed countries, as there were many reforms and stabilization policies that contributed to the continuous growth of the country’s economy, transferring Turkey to a leading economic power between the Middle Eastern countries, and rising the country’s reputation and position in the European market. 

Investors have been flooding to Turkey as there are many benefits and incentives which the Turkish government offers for them and their families. 

About the Program

Turkey’s economic Citizenship by Investment Program was officially launched in the year 2017, according to the amendments made to the country’s legislation system in the year 2016, mainly in the citizenship law of Turkey, these amendments allowed the foreign investors to acquire the Turkish citizenship through investing in the country’s economy based on the criteria set by the president of the Republic of Turkey, applicants can obtain the citizenship through making a strategic investment in one 6 investment options provided the by government, which varies between fixed capital investments, property acquisition, establishing a company and creating jobs, bank deposits, and buying government bonds. 

Each of these investment options has a separate and different process that facilitates the investors route to the Turkish passport and citizenship, which allows its holder to benefit from the visa-free access to 110 destinations and countries across the world.