An Overview about Spain Golden Visa Program

An Overview about Spain Golden Visa Program


The Kingdom of Spain, located in Southern Europe, is the 2nd largest country in Europe, famous for its rich history and various cultures, the relaxing lifestyle and warm weather, and it is known as well for being an economic and political powerhouse in Europe, as it ranks highly within economic indexes with reference to the GDP and the strength and the expansion rate of its economy. It is also ranked among the best places in the world for expat social life, there are around 80 million tourists who visit Spain on a yearly basis. 

Spain is also known for its huge consumer market and governmental pro-investment policies, and it has a developed infrastructure that is consistently helping the Spanish economy to thrive. 

Spain is a member of the European Union, which enables investors to benefit from the openness and incentives of the entire EU market, also its geographical location provides investors the ability to access many other international markets such as North Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Investors are opting to Invest in Spain due to the many lifestyles and economy opportunities that the country provides to those who decide to make it their home, it is considered by many as the ideal place to invest and live in.  

History of the program

Since being affected heavily by the economic crisis, the Spanish government has been operating under the direction of attracting foreign investments into the country through various policies and approaches, one of which is the introduction of a new legal framework in the year 2013, which was aimed to facilitate the investors entry and residency requirements in the country. 

The Golden Visa program in Spain introduced several investment options that investors can obtain and in return obtain the residence permit for them and their family members in the country. 

The Golden Visa program was introduced within different categories, varying between the acquisition of real estate, a deposit of capital, government bonds, and business establishment.